Technologies of the iUventa project

As part of the research project of iUventa, a set of procedures is being developed aimed to effectively combat aging. To do this, we conduct research and attract various technologies. First, an effective method will be developed for assessing the biological age of animals and humans by blood counts. This will allow a quick and accurate assessment of the impact of geroprotectors and transfusion of young plasma on the health of animals and people.
Transfusion of blood and its components has long been used in medicine. However, so far no massive studies have been carried out on the transfusion of young plasma for biological age

Multiwave Spectrophotometry

Multiwave Spectrophotometry for the antiaging

Deep neural networks

Deep neural networks in the treetment of aging


Plasmaferesis in the treatment of old age


Cryoconservation to fight aging

Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnosis in the fight against old age

At the forefront of science

No modern scientific project can be developed in the close framework of one science and, moreover, one technology. The development of ways to overcome aging requires the involvement of knowledge and technology accumulated in various scientific disciplines.