Donating the iUventa project does not only help you receive anti-aging products, but also take care of your future!

Support the iUventa project!

iUventa is a charity research project and we need your help! In gratitude for the assistance to our project, we issue iUventa, tokens that you can use in future to access the results of our research, or convert them to any currency.

There are several ways you can support the iUventa:

  • make a donation to the Ethereum cryptocurrency, transferring it to the address of the smart contract 0x7416E010bF05b5623d520021D5E7041aF8Cc7142. In exchange, we will send a proportional number iUventa tokens to your wallet. Learn more about the number of tokens here.
  • publish links, articles and news materials about our project in any social networks. We are interested in forming the largest and most active community. In gratitude, we will transfer you iUventa tokens. Therefore, after the publication of a publication about our project, please send us a link to this publication and the address of your Ethereum wallet. We will send you tokens immediately after verification.
  • subscribe to our news on social networks and offer news on aging and its prevention and treatment. If the news offered by you is of interest to our audience and we publish it, you will also be transferred to iUventa tokens.
  • send short translations of announcements of research articles conducted by various laboratories of the world and dealing with the topics of aging, its prevention and treatment. Aging studies are conducted in all corners of the earth and published in various medical and biomedical journals. We do not always have the opportunity to follow all the publications. By sending the original article and a short translation of the announcement, you will help both us and the whole community to be always up to date with the events taking place in the world. Some articles we will publish on our website. In gratitude, we are ready to give iUventa tokens to the authors of such translations.
  • at the stage when we will collect material for spectrophotometric blood tests, we will need active community members who are ready to provide several ml for analysis. Your blood or your dog's blood. Blood sampling for analysis will be carried out exclusively with disposable sterile supplies and trained medical / veterinary personnel. Therefore, this analysis will be completely safe. In gratitude, we will give you iUventa tokens.
  • when we will form a cryo-vault for blood plasma, we will need plasma donors. At the first stage it will be young dogs. The donation procedure is completely safe for the animal and will be carried out by qualified veterinary personnel. In gratitude for the support, iUventa tokens will be transferred to dog owners. Moreover, not only immediately after undergoing the donation procedure, but also in the future, for several years, after undergoing periodic veterinary examinations and laboratory tests.
  • at the first stage of the study of the effect and effectiveness of the procedure in dogs, we will need volunteers - owners of old dogs. Since The procedure of exchange plasmapheresis has long been developed in medicine, and is widely used in veterinary medicine, the procedure will not pose any threat to animals. But we will need to investigate how much the procedure will have a rejuvenating effect, estimate the biological age of the animal before and after the procedure. And also to formulate the most optimal frequency of procedures that has the greatest effect. In gratitude for participating in the iUventa project, we will transfer iUventa tokens to dog owners. As in the case of donation, transfers will be carried out in several stages
  • everything described above regarding animals will also be relevant to humans. We will need both blood samples for analysis and plasma donors and volunteers for testing the procedure. But research in humans will be done after we get results in dogs. And our gratitude, naturally will be significantly more!