FAQ of the iUventa AntiAging project

What is the iUv token?

iUv or iUventa – is an internal project asset created on the ERC20 (Ethereum) platform. During the development of anti-aging technology iUv tokens are the gratefulness from the iUventa project for monetary, technical or other support that helps the project in achieving the goal. When we complete the development of the methodology, iUv tokens can be used to access the services of the project for themselves and their loved ones. They can also be sold or exchanged for other cryptoactives (Bitcoin, Ethereum and others).

How can iUv tokens be received?

You can get iUv tokens either by taking an active part in the work of the iUventa, project, or by providing financial support for the project. Read more …

How will the cost of tokens change over time?

At the initial stage, the number of tokens issued for financial assistance has a fixed ratio: for 1 Ethereum (approximately 250 USD), sent to us for financial support of the project, 10,000 iUventa tokens will be issued. The number of tokens issued under such conditions is limited to 100,000 pieces. As the project progresses, the number of tokens issued for 1 Eth will decrease linearly (by 5% at each stage), and the number of available tokens will linearly increase (by 10% at each stage). Thus, you can support the project in both the early and late stages, but the number of iUv tokens you receive will be different.
Since According to the most modest estimates, the volume of the anti-aging market is 150-200 billion USD, after the implementation of the anti-aging technology, the cost of each token will steadily increase

What will the money raised by the iUventa Foundation be used for?

We need to solve many problems, so the funds will be used on:

  • Legal and accounting support
  • Laboratory and technical room rental
  • Procurement of laboratory and diagnostic equipment, as well as the creation of cryostorage
  • Hiring and paying technical and laboratory personnel
  • Creating and maintaining an active international audience
  • Licensing
  • Organization of sampling of blood / plasma and filling of the cryo-depository
  • Pay for external consultants

What are the planned stages of the project?

The project will be implemented simultaneously in two directions - for use in dogs and for use in humans. In both cases, the stages of development of the project are the same, with some advancing the use of technology in animals. The reason for this advance is in a smaller number of legal obstacles when working with animals.

  • Forming an active international community
  • Purchase of laboratory equipment
  • Development of methods for conducting photometric analysis of blood and plasma
  • Organizing the collection of analyzes from volunteers and their processing
  • Construction of a mathematical model for determining the biological age
  • Plasma collection and storage
  • Formation of the selection algorithm of the donor-recipient
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses for the activity of collecting and storing blood components
  • Filling cryostorage with blood plasma
  • Formation of a platform that opens access to plasma for iUventa token owners
  • Formation of a franchise for medical centers

Does the work of the project of iUventa damage the official blood system? After all, it will be more profitable to donate the plasma for tokens than in a regular hospital.

We plan to significantly expand the requirements for blood quality and donor health. And a part of the plasma not passing according to our internal requirements will nevertheless correspond to state standards. In this case, the blood plasma will be handed over to the clinics. Thus, we will be able to actively help the public health system.

I am young now - can I save blood for transfusions to myself in the future?

Yes, cryopreservation allows you to save the blood and its components indefinitely. You can create your own blood bank, regularly replenishing it. And use it after many years or if necessary for medical intervention. You need iUventa tokens for this. And the best way to get them is to support the project now.

What animals will be used for research?

In the initial stages of research, biological materials obtained from dogs will be used. To do this, we need active community help

Will it be harmful to the animal?

No. This is a standard fence of several dozen ml. blood. It will not bring any harm to the animal.

Is there a chance that the project will fail?

We are trying to solve a problem that has not yet been solved by anyone in the history. Therefore, yes, there is a possibility that not everything will succeed. Or we can solve the problem only partially. Nevertheless, the task is worth it to spend on her strength. After all, our and your lives depend on its successful solution!

Why, in difference from usual ICO, you do not install Soft and Hard Cap?

The fact is that the iUventa project will be implemented in any case, regardless of the degree of financial assistance we receive from the community. The project is partially funded by Adara LLC, a well-known supplier of medical equipment in Russia. But, if the whole community actively supports us, we will be able to implement the project much faster!

Why do not you attract escrow as a guarantor of targeted use of funds, as it is implemented in traditional ICO?

iUventa is a research biomedical project. Donations attracted by the project will be used as needed, and not after the distribution of the total number of iUventa. tokens. And since the project has funding from several sources, we believe that the payment of escrow services for funds collected in cryptocurrencies is the very inappropriate use of money which are very necessary for the project. You can watch the development of our project in social networks and support it at any stage! We are grateful for any help!