FAQ проекта Ювента по лечению старения

What will the project be like?

We will try to present the work of the system after we develop a methodology for the treatment and prevention of aging.

We accept volunteer blood plasma - young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who receive iUventa tokens as a gratefulness for participating in the project. Donors are subject of long-term medical follow-up, and they receive additional iUventa tokens for participating in regular medical examinations, including advanced biochemical blood tests. Thus, we guarantee the safety of the transfused plasma, much more than any of the modern clinics guarantees.

The collected plasma is subjected to rapid freezing and is in a certified cryostorage for at least a year. In the frozen state, the plasma may be stored indefinitely.

Our partners with iUventa tokens are registered on the iUventa ecosystem's web portal and get access to the cryo-depository resources, in which an ideal plasma is selected for them. For a certain number of iUventa tokens, you can subscribe to the delivery of frozen plasma to the medical center closest to you, which is part of the iUventa ecosystem. Plasma is poured in a licensed medical center.

Given that iUventa tokens are provided with cryostorage reserves, and plasma is a sought-after resource, we are confident that community interest in iUventa tokens will steadily grow. And this, in turn, will help increase the popularity of the project and increase the number of young healthy people willing to support the project by donating blood plasma.

In addition, immediately after obtaining permits for the operation of the cryostorage, we will be able to offer an individual service for the storage of frozen blood or plasma. Why do you need such storage? While you are young, you will be able to place whole blood or plasma in a cryo-depository so that, if necessary, blood transfusions will transfer your own blood to you, reducing the risks of transfusion to almost zero. Or you can transfuse your own blood or plasma when you reach old age.

Similarly, the system for the prevention of aging in dogs, and in the future, and in other animals.

Support the project now and get access to our innovative technologies!