iUventa is a research project aimed at studying the prevention of aging


it is a research project. Our goal is to create a world without old age, a world of young and active people.

Ambitious? Yes!

Impossible? Many animals demonstrate that this is a solvable problem!

Heterocephalus glaber, hydra and some other animals live without aging. People will be able too! We want not only to prolong life, but to make youth possible without extinction. A person will be able to maintain a strong healthy body, a lively and agile mind for many years.
And there are already technologies that will become the basis of aging therapy! It is only necessary to conduct research and develop protocols. This is what we do.

Is aging therapy only for the rich? No!

You can already receive iUventa tokens now. Everyone who supported our project receives iUventa tokens as thanks for their support. And when we implement the technology, you can use iUventa to access aging therapy for yourself or your loved ones! Support the project today - ensure your longevity tomorrow!
Another possible scenario is to sell iUventa on the stock exchange, while earning a profit …

Will the cost of token iUventa increase over time? Yes!

As the project progresses, the cost of the iUventa token will increase. The volume of the market that we will create is estimated to be at least 150-200 billion USD a year!

Any questions?


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