iUv - anti-aging token of the iUventa project

Token iUventa

iUventa is an internal part of the iUventa ecosystem, based on ERC20 technology. Short token name: iUv

Tokens are issued as a gratefulness for your financial or non-financial assistance to the iUventa Research Fund.

Using the Ethereum blockchain will allow the project to become transnational and scale quickly in different countries with different national currencies. We will be able to offer a single cost of access to plasma, independently from the place of residence of our clients, and also offer donors fair compensation, determined by international plasma demand!

In addition, Ethereum smart contracts will ensure that iUventa transitions are guaranteed to donors after they pass through their respective stages of testing their state of health, which will guarantee the high quality of the stored plasma.

When providing financial assistance, tokens are currently issued based on the number

10 000 iUventa tokens

for transferring one Ethereum to a smart contract address:


But the number of tokens issued in this ratio is limited. The maximum possible number of tokens available at this stage:

100 000 tokens

Currently only 98 650 iUventa tokens are available

In order for tokens to appear in your wallet, you must specify the address of the token in it:


In the next step, the number of iUventa tokens issued for one Ethereum will be reduced by 5%. And the number of available tokens will be increased by 10%.

At the time of issuing iUv tokens in gratitude for the transfer of Ethereum, an equal number of tokens will be issued to the project team. They will be used to support non-financial assistance partners, such as providing blood and plasma samples for research, publishing articles and other volunteer work. Learn more about the possibilities to get iUventa tokens in the "Support the project" section.

As the project progresses, iUventa tokens will be listed on stock exchanges. This will allow our partners, helping to implement the project, to exchange the received tokens for any currency at their discretion. And our donors will receive decent compensation in any currency.

The consequent increase in the “cost” of iUventa tokens is guaranteed by the fact that as the project progresses, plasma transfusion services will become more and more well-known and in demand in different countries. Therefore, we want to maximally support the benefactors who supported our project at the very initial stage!

You will be able to observe the implementation of the project, success in developing technologies and developing methods for the prevention and treatment of aging, if you subscribe to us on social networks and also take an active part in the life of the project!