Laboratory diagnosis of the iUventa project for the diagnosis and treatment of aging

Laboratory diagnostics

Modern medicine could not be successful without the constant development of laboratory diagnostic methods. Already, doctors have access to hundreds of different tests that can qualitatively diagnose pathological conditions. We will diagnose both the health status of donors and the health status of the owners of tokens iUventa, who are planning to carry out the plasma replacement procedure.

Standard methods for monitoring the quality of donated blood are limited to only a few tests for common infections. We will examine the resulting plasma not only for infections, but also for signs of pathological conditions. This will allow us to guarantee the highest possible security for our customers.

In addition, medical monitoring of the health of a young person donor will be carried out for several years after donation, since immediately after donating the plasma, only a fraction of the total iUventa tokens will be transferred to the donor. The remaining tokens will be transferred automatically after each next examination for several years