The iUventa project team

The iUventa project is being implemented in several stages on the territory and with partial funding by Adhara LLC. This company is already known in the Russian medical equipment market. It equips public and private clinics with devices for resuscitation, gynecology and surgery. Adhara is the exclusive distributor in Russia of Greenland Medical a well-known manufacturer of radiosurgical devices, and is also the official representative in Russia of companies such as Fisher&Paykel Healthcare (manufacturer of systems for heating and moistening in resuscitation), Fotek (Russian manufacturer of electrosurgical equipment and consumables), Zerts Medical (manufacturer of integrated systems for ENT and gynecology) ) and other manufacturers. As the project progresses, medical, veterinary and laboratory personnel will be involved in the team. The implementation of the first stage of the project (the formation of a neural network capable of determining the biological age of people and animals using only one blood sample) employs several people:

Oleg Timofeev

CEO co founder of the project, Project Leader and Head of Research. He has experience in developing telemetry systems for cosmonauts and astronauts NASA using heart rate variability detection, participated in the development of gynecological equipment in cooperation with Heinemann Medizintechnik GMBH, and now he is a leading developer of accessories for medical RF-lifting in cooperation with Beijing Greenland Co., which now are on clinical approbation under the supervision of prof. Khitrov M.V.

Anastasia Evdokimova

Bachelor of the Department of Nano-Opticians and Spectroscopy MIPT, Master of the Department of Physico-Chemical Biology and Biotechnology MIPT.

Evgeny Zuev

IT developer with 20 years of experience in database building.

In addition, additional veterinary, paramedic and laboratory personnel will be involved in technical work on the collection of biological materials, sample preparation and analysis. Works under the first phase of the project will begin after the collection of sufficient funds for it. This amount is 100 000 USD. The current status of fundraising can be found on this page.